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Wait, one of the only anime you guys like is N.G.E? That is one of the biggest pieces of shit to come out of Japan, and you say anime fans hate it? 1. Anime fans love N.G.E to the point i wish they would just shut up about it. 2. Do you know why its popular? Its not just because anime fans like, its because Liberals love it too. Yeah,different political groups can have the same interests, but N.G.E is pretentious contrived and cliche, Liberals eat that shit up. And you call weaboos faggots.

Going to destroy your argument in 10 words.  Ready to lose?

Weeaboos don’t say that American movies are superior to anime.

Boom.  You just lost the argument.  It is donkey.  You may feel a sudden burning sensation in your cheeks and around your eyes, and a sensation to squirt a few tears.  That’s called shame.  Bienvenidos da urf.

Anyway, we’ve gone over this a shitload of times already, probably before you ever started reading our blog, but I’ll sum it up again for the cheap seats.  Evangelion is an anime show that we’ll give some credit to for managing to do something different at the time.  It’s protagonists were insecure damaged children that were in no way capable of handling the tasks that were given to them.  The show works allegorically as a coming of age through depression story, where a young boy is told at gunpoint to grow up and become responsible, without any teaching or incentive.  I’m sure this wasn’t intended, but it works pretty well as an allegory of how the baby boomer generation raised their children, especially boys.

That said, the show is still cheesy and stupid in a lot of parts.  Rei’s apathy at her own nudity can easily be read as an excuse to show some fuckin tits.  Misato is a dope, and having a wacky penguin as a pet smacks as typical anime stupidity.  Watching our hero lose only to suddenly unlock convenient deus ex machina powers.

The difference is at least some of the characters are relatable, especially Shinji.  A case can be made for the existence of even some of the cliched shit.  There are things to actually consider in this show.

The reason why weeaboos like the show is because it’s anime.  It has giant robots, tits, and “weird crazy violence!”  That’s the reason why.  You’re welcome for having the honor of being permitted to learn from me, but since it’s obvious you’re a weeaboo yourself and upset over what we said about other anime cartoons, you’ll probably not understand, and have to misrepresent what has been clearly and calmly stated by us many times over.

About the claim that liberals love Eva, that’s doubtful at best.  Liberals like anime in general, but Eva gets a lot of shit from the weebs for being too different.

To us, Evangelion is just an anime cartoon that stands out from the crowd of other anime cartoons.  Making it still inferior to American movies.


Anime at its best is a 4 compared to an American movie’s 10.

There’s a pretty elementary rule of writing called “show don’t tell.”  Basically, don’t have a character stand around telling you about a thing happening, when you can show the thing happening (cut away, flashback, whatever tool at your disposal).  Good example of a flashback is The Usual Suspects.  Kevin Spacey’s character sits in an office telling what he knows about Keyser Soze, the old legend of him coming home, gangsters have his family hostage, Keyser shoots them himself.  The flashback portrays this as we hear Kevin Spacey tell the story.  This can be done in many other ways.  It can be done silently, just soundtrack, no voiceover.  The flashback could cut the voiceover entirely and show the scene play out on its own.

In anime, let’s take an equivalent movie, the “classic” Ghost in the Shell.  We stand around watching some goofy ass scientist dude talk about THE PUPPET MASTER who is some rogue AI that escaped into a robot body.  We merely watch people stand around, still frames in many shots, pontificating in a dull and dry manner, monotone, about some AI that’s doing stuff.  We don’t really see the things it’s done, aside from how it made a guy run from the cops earlier in the movie (the reasons why are not portrayed, just stated in other dull bland scenes).

Anime for the most part, even the supposed “classics” are made by people who do not understand the fundamentals or basics of the film language.  They’re made in very technical ways, so therefore they tend to be technically impressive, well animated, explosions and car chases portrayed (because those things are done in western movies, therefore the Japanese just ape what they see from other movies as far as action, even the supposed influential market chase in Ghost in the Shell that influenced the Matrix was more taken from Indiana Jones and stuff like The French Connection) and they’re loaded up with stylistic action, but when it comes to the meat, it’s an overcooked steak (which, as anyone who watches REAL movies should know, defeats its own purpose).

America and the west have merely been innovating for decades in the field of film.  That’s the only reason why we’re superior and Japan is inferior.  Japan does experimentation, they’re trying to get there, some of their works are on par.  The thing is that in the field of comics, I’d say Japan is way ahead of us, because again, they’ve been innovating for decades, and fearlessly.  We should envy their comics, but this anime shit just isn’t as good, objectively, because most of their filmmakers don’t know how to tell a story very well.  For every “good” anime movie, I can name 10 better American movies in that same genre alone, shit I’d put the shitty ass fucking garbage matrix sequels ahead of ghost in the shell, but really if you want to see what an anime looks like if made into an American movie, just watch the matrix 2 and 3.  All the pretentious bullshit, standing around blathering about WHAT IS THE NATURE OF GOD BLAH BLAH BLAH wasting the audience’s time, big dumb over the top endings, silly tonal shifts left and right that make you laugh at the serious parts and groan at the comic relief.

This isn’t even getting into the weird shoehorning of sexual fetishes into most stories.  I can get into that later.  By later I mean within the next hour, because hey, it’s not like we have anything else to post about do we?  Nope, I don’t think so!

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